Startup (Hanis Test)
RM 119.00
RM198 Monthly Basic
RM 198.00
RM360 Monthly Popular
RM 360.00
RM488 Monthly
RM 488.00
RM688 Monthly
RM 688.00
Spaceship 2 (Hanis Test)
RM 1.50
Free Plan (EK Testing)
RM 0.00
Organization Overview
Executive Summary Executive Summary
Executive Summary Hierarchy
Functional Unit New Functional Unit
Functional Unit Functional Unit List
Dashboard Dashboard & Billing
Official Account Official Account
Flexi Label Website Flexi Label Website
Data Management
Applicant New Applicant
Applicant Applicant List
Member Member List
Applicant Online Applicant List
Member Archive List
Member e Handbook Setting
Member e Card Setting
Unit Committee New Unit Committee
Unit Committee Unit Committee List
Unit Committee Unit Committee Archive
Dues Mgmt Outstanding Dues
Dues Mgmt Collection & Ledger
Data Migration Wizard Dues Management Setting
Data Migration Wizard Data Migration Wizard
Activity Management
Event Create New Event
Event Outgoing/Incoming Event
Event Event Archive List
Event Incoming Event Setting
Event New Scanner Login ID
Event Autherization Settings
Event Upload Offline Event Tickets
EventKing - Advance Manual Ticket Sales
EventKing - Advance Attendees Name Tag
Event New Announcement/News
EventKing - Advance Attendees List & Analysis
Announcement/News Announcement News List
Announcement/News Announcement/News Archive List
Survey New Survey
Survey Survey List
Survey Survey Archive
Certificate Of Origin Certificate Of Origin
Life Style New Life Style
Life Style Life Style List
Life Style Life Style Archive
Internal Management
Admin User Define Admin Level
Admin User Set Admin User
Admin User Admin User List
Staff List New Staff
Staff List Staff List
Guest List New Guest
Guest List Guest List
Report Report Template
Report FTPay Report
Audit Log Audit log - Change Password
Audit Log Audit Log - Applicant List
Audit Log Audit Log - Online Applicant List
Audit Log Audit Log - Member List
Audit Log Audit Log - Archive List
Audit Log Audit Log - Committee Unit List
Audit Log Audit Log - Data Migration Wizard
Audit Log Audit Log - Life Style List
Audit Log Audit Log - Event/News List
Audit Log Audit Log - Survey List
Audit Log Audit Log - Functional Unit List
Audit Log Audit Log - Admin User List
Audit Log Audit Log - Dues Mgmt
Audit Log Audit Log - Report Template
Password Policy Password Policy
Email Server Setup Email Server Setup